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Costumes Virginia Beach

Amazing Costumes Virginia Beach

When the time rolls around to find great costumes, for a party, a holiday or even a birthday party, you can be facing a tough task. Sure during halloween, there is all kinds of places that have cheap costumes from China, just in time for you to buy them, they tear and you throw them away. But what if you wanted a really great looking, high quality costume? What if you wanted a costume in Virginia Beach at a time not close to Halloween? That is when the task of finding that costume becomes difficult. Well, fortunate for you, if you live close to Virginia Beach there is a costume store that has been looking out for you. Read on and we will tell you all about it.

Finding Costumes

While its true, there are a few party stores around that can provide you with party plates and run of the mill cheap costumes, when you show up at a function all dressed up, you want it to look great. No reproduction can look better than the real thing. There is something really cool about having on a costume that does not just look great, but is the real thing.

For decades, Echoes of Time has been collecting vintage clothing and costumes so that when the time comes that you need something from the past or a look of the future, we have it. Really, our warehouse is like a time capsule into the past with thousands of pieces of clothing from ancient times right up to the present. The best part is that you can mix and match those items so that you get the perfect look. In addition, its real, quality clothing not an imitation. So not only do you look great, the clothes and costumes feel great.

Not only do we have the clothing, we have all the accessories, jewelry and isles of shoes, boots and footwear, so your costume or vintage look is complete, head-to-toe. Now when you show up with that special look, you look like the real thing.

No costume or vintage look is complete without a little make up to make the whole image complete. We stock Ben Nye makeup, the best in the industry. We have it all, face powders, adhesives, hair, prosthetics, stage blood, scabs, wigs and even contact lenses.

In lenses alone, we have custom lenses, theatrical lenses, cosmetic and anime lenses. So even down to the details of your eyes we help you have the complete look.


Individuals are, well, individual. Every person has different tastes and wants. When you come into Echoes of Time we want you discover all the possibilities and then transform yourself into the perfect alter ego. Our professional staff is expert in guiding you through the discovery process and then helping you put together the perfect costumes in Virginia Beach.

We have worked and supplied film companies, stage companies, theaters, and individuals for more than 30 years. We are very different from a costume store that orders in a bunch of stock from China and hires some employees to check you out. Even our owner is in the store daily with more than 30 years of experience in the industry to help you, your office, your theater or church create the perfect look.

When you find great costumes with ongoing expertise about the industry and is passionate about serving their customers, like Alice, you will experience what it’s like to dive down the rabbit hole. After finding costume store that knows its community and leads the industry, you can be sure your costume and production and look will be exceptional.