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Poor Quality Halloween Costumes

Have you ever been disappointed the the quality of Halloween costumes? Yeah, you get all excited about the holiday as Halloween costumes stores pop up for the month of October in vacant retail space. Party stores change inventory to meet the October demand. The first thing you notice is those stores are a lot of cheap costumes packaged in plastic bags and the price tags reflect you being played as the sucker for buying and oversized trash bag.

Top Quality Halloween Costumes

There is a better alternative to buying the colored trash bags that here-today, gone-tomorrow for the Halloween season. When you go to clothing stores to buy clothes, you expect quality clothes. Pants should be pants and tops should tops that are made from quality clothing.

You should expect the same for Halloween costumes. Let’s face it, Halloween costumes can cost as much as regular clothing, so why should the clothing be less quality?

At Echoes of Time, we have been righting that wrong for over 30 years. First, we are are a store that is open 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We are here for our customers, film production crews, and theaters all year long. You can get the same high-quality costumes and vintage clothing all year long. We are at the same address all year, so you don’t have to hunt us down when you have a costume need.

Second, we have been collecting and purchasing quality costumes and real vintage clothing for all those years. We have Halloween costumes in Virginia Beach that are the real thing, not a cheap made one-use item.

Third, we have a staff who knows time periods, theater and film and are experts at costumes of every sort. We focus on service and make sure that we are knowledgable about what we have and how it goes together so that your costume looks and performs its best.

Fourth, we have all the accessories, jewelry, stage makeup and a whole shoe department to accessorize your costume perfectly. We are the one-stop, complete store that keeps you from making multiple trips around town to find all the pieces to complete your Halloween costume or outfit your entire production.

Did we mention makeup? You bet. What is a tiger costume without the cat eyes? Or the Frankenstein without bolts through the neck and a gash across the forehead? We carry the entire line of the top quality Ben Nye stage makeup including face powders, adhesives, hair, prosthetics, stage blood, scabs, wigs and even contact lenses. The complete line of contact lenses includes custom lenses, theatrical lenses, cosmetic and anime lenses.

When you want to find a costume and really look the part, then come in and take a look around our warehouse and we know you will find exactly what you need.

Halloween Costumes

To find great Halloween costumes you need to find a costume store that has a warehouse full of real costumes and vintage clothing and a dedicated expert staff with knowledge about the industry and service to match. That place is Echoes of Time and we are the Halloween costume superstore that services film and theater productions and is also open to the public.