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Finding Vintage Clothing

You may not be in need of Vintage Clothing every day. However, when you do have a need to find some quality vintage threads where are you going to find them? Thrift stores are cool but you can’t count on that 80’s vest or 1930’s dress hanging on the thrift store rack. It’s a challenge when you need good vintage clothing and costume shops only sell cheap imitations from China. Echoes of Time has you covered, so read on and learn how we have not only the best but a warehouse of full of decades of vintage clothing.

Hand-Picked Vintage Clothing

For over 30 years, we at Echoes of Time, have been collecting, storing and maintaining the coolest, hand-picked vintage clothing for the exact time you need it. Not only do we have vintage clothing, we have a warehouse full of it from every decade back to the 1920’s. Our motto is “From caveman to Spaceman” and we take that motto seriously. Of course, we don’t have vintage cavemen clothes but we do have quality clothes to transform you into a caveman.

We stock everything you can imagine to put the finishing touches on your look. We have jewelry, wigs, theatrical makeup and even aisles of vintage shoes. Yeah, shoes galore so that you can pick the perfect pair of kicks to round out whatever your dress code is.

Just to make sure you get the perfect look, in the perfect decade, our staff are experts on the eras and can transform your look into whatever decade you desire. We do this day-in-and-day-out so when you come to use you are not getting a temporary staff that are paid to check you out. We give you the service of a celebrity on opening night. We want you to know that your vintage clothes costume is as authentic as you can find. We want you to wow those that see you in your digs. So we give you the “uptown” treatment so you can style.

Vintage Clothing Superstore

I think you agree, there is no way to fake vintage clothing, you either have it or you don’t. Fortunately for Virginia Beach, we have it and it’s authentic, just waiting for the person that needs to step back in time.

Better than just having some vintage clothing, we have isles and isles of it, so you can pick out the perfect look.

When you find great vintage clothing with ongoing expertise about the industry and a staff passionate about you looking your best, your a winner and will strut like one. After finding vintage clothing that knows the eras and leads the industry, you can be sure your style and affair and look will be exceptional.