Great Vintage Clothes Shop

Echoes of Time
Reminds Me of Grandma’s Attic
July 5, 2017
Echoes of Time

There is an inexplicable shortage of good vintage shops in Hampton Roads. This is one of the few. And it’s a damn good one. They have a great selection of all the major periods of clothing. The racks and display cases are packed to the rims with stuff. I used to be a bit of a vintage freak.
When I first moved here I sold a few items to Echoes of Time for some extra cash and they gave me a fair deal.  In addition to vintage, they also have a lot of replica costume items: clown noses to ’50s specs to disco platforms with goldfish in the heels. It is THE go-to spot for funky Halloween wear to rent/buy. If there’s something in particular that you want for a costume, however, make sure to reserve it early. They are super busy at Halloween.
They rent all year ’round, even for their regular vintage items. I once rented this great ’60s satin skirt for a dress-up party I had at my old job. I had something really unique to wear and I didn’t have to pay a fortune for the privilege of having it hang in my closet for the next 10 years.